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Paint Protection Film

Our Paint Protection Film is superhydrophobic and has non-yellowing properties. It has been developed for the automotive industry for paint protection, but due to its outstanding quality can be used in any sphere that requires PPF installation.

Paint Protection Film

When it comes to protecting your vehicle’s paint, Paint Protection Film (PPF) is an excellent option for providing an additional layer of protection to your vehicle without compromising style. Recent advancements in PPF technology enable us to cover full panels including hoods and fenders, and virtually any panel. 

Paint Protection Film is an incredibly clear, polyurethane, and invisible film. It helps prevent damage from gravel, rocks, bugs, road salt, magnesium chloride, tree sap, and scratches. We encourage protection to the parts of cars most prevalent to damage including the front bumper, hood, front mirrors, and headlights. There is also the option to cover the entire car. PPF should be installed by an experienced auto detailing professional. Whenever possible, we utilize a plotter and cutting software where we can produce customized patterns to fit your car perfectly and offers. 

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